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    Amanson funiture co.,ltd. is 100% chinese owned and operated. Founded in 1999.
    Amanson furniture factory is engaged in supplying high quality outdoor furniture&dinning furniture&bar furniture.We mainly manufacture furniture which is aluminium frame with dinning chair&navy chair, aluminium bases,aluminium table tops and stainless steel tops.
Our factory has many experienced technicians who have worked for more than 10 years in this industry. Our workers are skillful, our QC management is orderly, our delivery time is punctual, our Quality is guaranteed.

    First built for manufacture by amanson in 1999.The navy chair has been in continuous production ever since. With the famous 77 step Process, our craftsmen take soft, recycled aluminum, hand form and weld it- then temper it for strength. Finally, the chair is anodized for a durable finish. 

Brand: Amanson, navychair
CEO: Alan.Huang
Headquarters: Guangzhou
Founded: 1999
Customer Service: 020-312 33 315
QQ:952 730 932

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